Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm a Dinosaur. Fear Me! (The Paleo Diet)

Yes, yes...Dinosaurs weren't around during the Paleolithic era, but you know what people who study dinosaurs are called? That's right. Paleontologists! Mind blown? You're welcome.

Soooo the Paleo diet.

Yes, this is a real fracking book! I'm okay with it. 

 Not only did I lose 20lbs (135 to 115), had a TON of energy, and ate less from being constantly full, but I actually enjoyed what I was eating! That's the best part about this plan that anyone can follow. I adore food. I know most of you don't actually know me, but you have to understand something: I'm seriously addicted to food. Obsessed. Finding a plan that allowed me to eat such a variety and be lenient (depending on how your body works) was absolutely perfect. For example:  Bacon. While it really isn't the #1 thing you should be eating, it's actually something that you don't need to cut out!

Here's how it works. I'm sure most of you have at least heard about the Paleo or Caveman diet (or as I like to call it: I'm a Dinosaur. Fear Me.); "eat only foods that cavemen would eat" blah blah blah something scientific and words you sort of care about but never understand the results. The basics are that before people started harvesting grains and dairy from animals, health risks, diseases, obesity, and digestive problems were no where near as high as they've become. Think of it as eating only what is "natural" with a few differences...

Since this post is getting rather lengthy and I haven't even really started talking about much of the food, I'mma gonna breaks it down like a dis (yes, that grammar was intentional).

Foods You Can Eat:
Fats (avocado, olive, nut oil/milk)

Foods To Stay Away From:
Pasteurized Dairy
Starches (potatoes. Don't boil 'em mash 'em OR stick 'em in a stew!)
Legumes (beans, soy, you get the picture)
Processed Oils
Certain Vegetable Oils
Refined Sugar (sweeteners)

Now the way you follow it all depends on how your body type is, what your allergies are, how much you want to lose, etc. I'm sure a bunch of you are saying,


Well, my next part to this blog will be about the way that I followed this, was able to cut certain corners to stay satisfied, and STILL lost weight! There are a good amount of things that you're "not supposed to eat" but are still really good for you, as well as help with cravings for the things that are really bad for you. So check back for Part 2!

Bt-dubs, I am NOT in any freaking way trained to do this, so don't really look to this as any sort of nutritional insight or say "I ate nothing but bacon and got a heart attack!" This is just a recap of what I did, how I lost weight, and how I stayed full and happy doing it. Do your research, know your body, and definitely consult your doctor.

Let me know if you guys have ANY questions.

Enjoy your food!! <3

**For a more in depth break down of these foods, visit Paleo Plan.This site is by far (in my humble opinion) the best site to start, find answers, and keep going with your paleo lifestyle.**

**If you love to cook, bake, and create but maybe need a few tips on a ton of delicious paleo meals, snacks, and yes deserts!!!, Paleo Plan also has an amazing recipe section. **

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wow...Sorry about that

Aaaand I've disappeared once again. I seriously have creativity ADD.
( and regular ADD >.>)

When I started The Pin Up Sweet Shoppe on Youtube, I didn't think I would have nearly enough amazing followers wanting to see more from me. I've been attempting to film more tutorials, but now with my 3 jobs, tiresome schedule, and hardly any time for a social life (let alone tutorials) have pretty much stifled me.
However! I do get time during most of my work to be able to work on this blog! I kind of pushed it to the backburner, but now that I've found a wonderful skincare/foundation regimen, a fantastic diet, discovered my love of couponing, and realized I have so many other fascinations and ideas that don't just revolve around hair and makeup, I thought perhaps I would do something different.
I've decided to turn this blog into an inspiration of more than just beauty, but health, saving money, creative fun, food, and more! Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but I just want to include my knowledge of things that make my own life wonderful to add to the amazing beauty that is YOUR life!
Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, questions, etc.

I may or may not have already spent my first $15 of the season, which isn't soo much of a surprise considering my apartment is decorated for Halloween all year long...