Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Little Secrets: Baby Shampoo

Something I feel anyone that loves makeup must have is a good sized bottle of baby shampoo. The brand doesn't really matter but the two I use most often are Johnson's and the store brand from Target. There are honestly so many uses for this simple product and you'll spend a heck of a lot less cash on this one bottle than you would on the different products you would need to get the jobs done. 

Here are some of the ways I love to use this product:

Eye Makeup Remover
Though it's not my #1 way of removing makeup properly, this really does the trick. Not only is it gentle and good to your skin, but it says right on the front of the bottle "No More Tears" so it won't bother your eyes like some removers can. Put about a quarter-sized amount on your hand and rub around your eyes. Remove the product with you a warm washcloth. Just remember to keep your eyes closed! Even though it says no more tears, if you get it directly into your eye it's going to irritate it.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes
Since it works so well gently removing makeup from your eyes, baby shampoo will be just as gentle on your makeup brushes. It is baby shampoo, after all, so you can be assured that it will not only clean but leave your brushes of any fiber or hair feeling soft and undamaged. Again, you'll want to use about a quarter-size amount in the palm of your hand and rub the brushes flat and one at a time on your palm. Rub the shampoo into both sides and rinse with water.Flick the brush briskly a few times to water and be sure to lay the brushes on a flat surface so the excess water doesn't drip down into the brush.

The baby shampoos that I buy are all hypoallergenic and are dermatological and allergy tested. Therefore, it's gentle and doesn't' irritate sensitive skin. Though it isn't as thick as shaving gel or lather too nicely, it's a good alternative to shaving products that may cause redness, breakouts, and irritation. The shampoo softens the hair you are shaving and leaves the skin soft as well. It's especially great for underarms and bikini areas since the hair is usually coarse. 

Replacing Several Items When Traveling
Instead of finding travel-sized versions of eye makeup remover, brush cleaner and shaving gel, you can consolidate more space in your makeup bag by buying a $1 3oz travel bottle from a drugstore and filling it with the baby shampoo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let’s start a skin care blog!

I have the weirdest skin; oily, sensitive, dry, blemish-prone, semi-large pores. It's a bit more extreme than combination and the oily part is definitely heaviest. I have tried far too many products for acne and healthy skin. Some times, if I don't have a bad reaction to it, my skin clears up right away and it is the best feeling in the world! But every single time, after about two months, my skin gets used to the product and reverts back to it's awkwardness.

With this in mind, I would like to begin a section of my blog devoted to skincare and the trials of it. I'll try a few "cures" (home-remedies, drug store brands, etc) every month or so and report back with just how well, or awfully, they worked!

Just so everyone knows, I'm not one of those makeup gurus that knows what everything is made of and how it will aid and react with your skin. I'm only blogging about how my skin is and how things react with my personal type of skin and the information I know from other gurus or websites. Sadly, I cannot tell you what you should do for your skin if it differs from mine. The good thing is that my skin tends to have a lot of different problems so if I find something that works fabulously on my skin when it gets really dry, maybe that will work for your skin if dryness is your main problem! Also, if you guys would like to try some things I'm not, or have already tried a few things and would like to give tell us what helped you by all means comment away.

I really hope this helps both of us!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello there!

Since I've been rather busy the past few months I haven't really had the time to make any tutorials on my YouTube channel. Instead, I thought I'd create a blog that's just as fun, informative, and pin-up inspired! This way, I can also blog short and sweet comments about products, vintage items, or hairstyle questions and post them as soon as possible without editing a video. Plus, you won't have to listen to me ramble on for 10 minutes about one subject.

I already have a few blogs on the way so keep checking back!